Hatching the Plan

I can remember laughing at my mum always saying “Oooh, that looks like a nice garden centre” on a car trip and thinking, “That’s what old people say“. Now we found ourselves pointing out our own garden centres, even speculating that they would probably have a nice cafe inside with homemade cakes.

“No point in shelling out silly money…”

Once you have a new interest, you start to notice all those things in your daily life. Like when you are first pregnant, suddenly there are lots of pregnant women about. We had Continue reading “Hatching the Plan”

Snowdonia from Snowden

Empty Nest…

Having spent most of the previous 18 months preparing in one way or another, we finally delivered our youngest child to Liverpool University in mid September 2016.

I filled the cupboards of his frankly lovely student digs, fussed about and ensured that he had everything he could possibly need. I cried when we left, he hugged me, told me he loved me while patting the top of my head, then instructed his father to take me away. Continue reading “Empty Nest…”