Happy New Year Midlife Resolutions

Well here it is, 2017. Another chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh with all good intentions. For me, 2017 will bring, in just a few short weeks, my 50th birthday. 

I’m not altogether sure how I feel about being 50. It seems so old in my mind and that’s the last thing I feel – except perhaps when I don’t get enough sleep or overdo the Prosecco a little. Mostly though, 50 is how old my brother was when he passed away from a brain tumour nearly three years ago. I am beginning to appreciate just how much his life was cut short and how frustrating it must have been for him in his last few months to know that he wasn’t going to make old age and have the opportunity to reflect on a full life lived. I suppose that this is partly what this blog is all about for me; coming to terms with the loss of my sibling who shared the history that shaped us both and making sure that I enjoy my middle age well.

Loving the Chaos

I feel incredibly lucky. I do a job I love – albeit working far too many hours, have relatively good health and a wonderful and ever growing family. We have been blessed with 4 gorgeous grandsons and a precious granddaughter finally joined the family last September to keep the boys in check. Our children seem settled with the oldest two married, the next one (at long last) in a steady relationship and playing happy blended families with a further two little ones coming into our lives last year. Our youngest is happy in his first year at uni and mostly embracing adulthood responsibly – as far as we know anyway! When we all get together – CHAOS REIGNS – but I love it, it makes me happy to see our brood achieving life goals.

Check me Out

I recently had a health checkup – the ones that you are entitled to at the doctor’s surgery when you get to a certain age. I got a relatively clean bill, “You could lose a little weight” – yup, tell me something I don’t know… In fact Mrs Health Professional, if you were being brutally honest, you would have said, “You should lose a lot of weight”  but I’m thankful that she didn’t. I may have been a little stingy on my declared alcohol units and overgenerous with the exercise and fruit and veg portion declaration so perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that I need to look after myself a bit more. So I have decided that this is going to be the year that I am going to finally get fit – that’s my goal for 2017.